Mongkok Tennis Club



P-Cup 2016 Draw v2
Please note on following rule changes in Blue:
* 6 points set.  Sudden dead deuce.  7 points tight break.
* Time restriction enforced - 25mins playing time, no warm up.
* Play stop when time expire.  Point in progress will not be counted.  Leading team in an un-finished game will be rewarded that game.  Un-finished game with a tight score will not be counted. (see below for illustration)
* Match winning team will receive 2 points, losing team has 0 point.  Tight score each team has 1 point.
* Tournament winner will be determined by (1) # of match points, (2) # of games won, (3) head-to-head result.
* Late participation:  every 5mins delay, one game will be awarded to the opposing team.  (5mins delay, 1 game, 10mis delay, 2 games...)
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